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Six-Triple-Eight, A New Musical is inspired by the true story of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion. Led by 26-year-old Major Charity Adams, the 6888 was the only all-female, all-black battalion sent overseas during World War II.

Their turbulent deployment to Europe was met with nearly insurmountable amounts of racism and sexism, the majority from within their own leadership. Together, the 850 women of the 6888 completed their assignment in record time, kept mail flowing to nearly seven million soldiers, and are credited with changing the trajectory of the war. Their motto… “No Mail, Low Morale.”

There are currently only five remaining members of the 6888. 76 years later, they are finally getting the recognition they deserve with a Congressional Gold Medal. This recognition makes them the only female unit, the only Women’s Army unit and the only African American female unit ever to receive this award.

This musical embraces the joy, community, and patriotism that these women shared while highlighting how much they truly loved their country, even though their country did not always love them back.

“We were making a contribution to show proof that we loved our country, even if they didn’t always love us back.”

Corp. Leanna King

Six-Triple-Eight: A New Musical is written by Morgan J. Smart (book), Ronvé O’Daniel (music and lyrics), and Jevares C. Myrick (composer). The historical advisor is Ret. US Army Col. Edna Cummings (head of the 6888th commission). It was executive produced by Tony Award nominee Blair Underwood and conceived and produced by Holly Garman and Joe Trentacosta.

“No Mail, Low Morale”

The 6888th Postal Battalion’s motto


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