Songs from Six Triple Eight

“Red, White & Blue” – the opening number of Act 1 in the musical,  set in the year 1941.  The song features the Afro Americans, a trio of Black women who serve as the Black Press, the song blends personal stories and historical events. 

“Shining Example” – a solo song by Charity Adams, the 26-year-old leader of the 6888th. She reflects on the expectations her family and society placed upon her and ultimately resolves to carve out her own path.

In “All I Need” – an ensemble number where women share their motivations and aspirations for enlisting.

“Everything’s Important” features Mary McLeod Bethune and her team of assistants.  She addresses her new assistant, emphasizing the importance of listening and paying attention.

The motto of the 6888th, “No Mail, Low Morale” is an ensemble number led by Charity, capturing the essential role of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion during World War II, highlighting the impact that letters have on soldiers’ morale.

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